AI & Animation

Together with Nea Ehrlich I guest curated a theme on AI and animation for the animationstudies 2.0 blog! It was a great pleasure to work on this fascinating topic together! And thanks to Cristina Formenti as well for making this possible!
More info on the issue can be found here; the single contributions are listed here and linked below:
Gina Moore (March 14, 2022): 3D Animation, Automation and Cliché
Deborah Levitt (April 4, 2022): Animation vs. Black Boxes
Joel McKim (April 11, 2022): Animation Without Animators: From Motion Capture to MetaHumans
Julia Eckel (May 2, 2022): Intelligence In Between: Documenting AI in Animation
Julia Eckel & Nea Ehrlich (May 10, 2022): Minds in Motion: Some Basic Thoughts on AI and Animation